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DOC 3 Notes Part 3 - 1 Monday a World war 2 introudces many...

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1. Monday, April 18, 2011 a. World war 2 introudces many new job/society fluctuations for the lower class.subordinated people. b. Rosie the riveter: American icon for woman involved in American industries. c. Displacement. Internment d. Migration. e. Maya Angelou. 1969 i. The effects of different kinds of migration, your life is not fixed. ii. Margarite. f. Identification, i. You or them ii. Divided into two iii. Black/white iv. Identify yourself as whom you are and whom your not. v. Murder of Emmill Till ( a great family of man) black not white murder peace. vi. 1948, desegeration of military divisions Harry Truman 2. Wednesday, April 20, 2011 a. W.E.B Dubois Double consciousness i. 104 years ago. Souls of Black Folks: tries to understand how African Americans function through life after the0 emancipation of slaves. ii. Two souls and two thoughts, holding your understandings of self at the same level,thinking through two levels. iii. Double consciousness. iv. Opposition resistance. v. Project two forms of yourself to the rest of the world. b. Identification and disidentification i. Belonging to a group of people ii. We strength ourself by distancing ourselves from the dominant.
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iii. Maya angelou moving from the South to California. Is an example of double consciousness because growing up she was taught one thought that she was American but black, but after she moved to California everything changes. iv. Up until the 1920s , women are identified as either daughter of someone or a wife of someone. v. Girls/boys can also be a form of double consciousness c. Maya Angelou did not fit in into her new high school because the girls in the school were more tough/mature because they are from the inter-city lol the girls were too identified with way too many factions. d.
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DOC 3 Notes Part 3 - 1 Monday a World war 2 introudces many...

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