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DOC 3 Notes Part 4 - 1 Wednesday May 4 2011 a Allegory i...

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Wednesday May 4, 2011 a. Allegory i. Milliniaz Generation, Baby Boomers, Youth Culture ii. Millenial: people born after the 1980s. . 1. Everything is either good or bad. iii. Baby Boomers. Children of the Greatest Generation. 1. The scare that the soviets will brainwash the Americans as the ideaology. iv. MUSIC MAKE YOU LOSE CONTROL YEE BEATLES v. JAZZ/ROCK n ROLL >> SLANG FOR SEX R&B brings black rhythms and lyrics that appeal more emotionally/dancing rather than telling a story. vi. Apparently kids going crazy about the little rock n roll music is related to the communist’s attempt to brainwash AMERICANS< YEAKS! 2. Friday, May 06, 2011 a. Annus Horribilis i. Jan/Tet offensive to Vietnamese, greatest military defeat to date, over 1 million soldiers mobilized. ii. April: Martin Luther King assassinated. Riots across the U.S. especially in LA, Detroit and Washington DC iii. Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy assassinated iv. August: riots take place at the Democratic National convention in Chicago “Chicago seven arrested for Conspiracy v. November: election of Republican presidential candidate Richard Nixon. vi. Zeit-geist. It means the spirit of the time>the texture of the moment that you live in. “Capturing the time” i.e. a time year such as 1968 captures the moments of all of the times. 1. ^ honestly I really think we should use this world in our essay. The dude wont stop talking about it… 2. When analyze a song please use all of traits such as the instruments, members of the band, the feeling that the listeners get when they listen to it. vii. Spectacle:
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DOC 3 Notes Part 4 - 1 Wednesday May 4 2011 a Allegory i...

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