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DOC 3 notes Part 5 - 1 Wednesday a Search for the Medium...

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1. Wednesday, May 18, 2011 a. Search for the Medium that is essential in analyzing the text > not really about the lyrics or beats but for what it represent. What is it trying to subtlety hint you? b. To analyze the Graduate > need to mention i. the GENRE< dark comedy. ii. Mention the form of the Graduate <> iii. Delay Historical Context toward the end of the essay. As well as the intersexuality mentions. iv. What and how? v. In the very end >>> making your voice what did you make the meaning of a text HAHAHAHAH BEN’S DUMB AND MRSSS. ROBINSONN IS THE ONLY PERSON THAT REALIZES THE GENERATION CHANGE <<< THAT’S MY MEANING OF THE TEXT LOL vi. Remember the texts does not have an inherent meaning by itself! c. *over-determined: when producers make the film so obvious, that you don’t need to analyze it to observe the meaning > or what its trying to refer to. <<< try to avoid this. 2. Monday, May 23, 20110000000000000000000000 a. *** NO MORE DUBIN RAEDING :/ b. The bulk of final exam, is in the end c. Continuity and Discontinuity. i. < critical to the discussion of Bones. > experiencing the history of the family, community, and the larger framework of Chinese migration 1. ^Continuously obviously… through language, culture and maybe even food. 2. Direct line between her ancestors, ii. Discontinuity, in where she needs to find out what she needs to do. 1. Expectations in where you will switch between worlds. 2. Living a life of immigrant and also trying to fit into the American society. a. Living partly in the past. d. Simultaneity, the concept of simultaneous.
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i. Co linearly, happening at the same time. ii. Things are co-exisit one on level, and also operate in relationship to one and another. 1. For example frustrations living in the past and present, aspect of simultaneity is a concept of immigrants and their struggles. iii. Book begin in the 1960s.< I Love Lucy Is an indicator of the time period. 1. Not really a time a frame because everything is co-existing at the same time due to its impact on the story e. 1965 Immigration Act. i. 1924-1965, an halt to immigration. 1. 1924: Native Origins Act stop the immigration inflow into the United States 2. 1965 Immigration Influx thanks to President Lyndon Johnson. ii. Chinatown is becoming more diverse due to all influx of people coming in from different parts of native country. iii. Create more opportunities for immigrants to succeed! (people that were here in the 19 th century were old guards now. f.
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DOC 3 notes Part 5 - 1 Wednesday a Search for the Medium...

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