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Chapter 15 1. Male Reproductive System a. Gametes- Sperm and egg cells b. Gonads- produce gametes(primary sexual organ: testes in males and ovaries in females. i. Testes: 1. Seminiferous tubules. Hollow tubes accounts for 90% of testis a. Contains Leydig cells: produces androgens (male hormones such as testosterone. 2. Interstitial tissue. Web of loose connective tissue between the
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Unformatted text preview: tubules and contains the endocrine leydig cells c. Zygote 23 rd paid of chromosome ( sex) female has two xs male has one x and one y d. Anterior pituitary gland i. FSH- Follicle- stimulating hormone 1. Seminiferous tubules secret a polypeptide hormone Inhibin ii. LH- Luteinizing hormone: produces testrones for male and ovulation for females. e....
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