Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - of the myofibrils thus shortening of the muscle...

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Chapter 9. 1. A skeletal muscle is composed of muscle fibers/myofibers. Which are surrounded by a plasma membrane/sarcolemma. Which is surrounded by endomysium. a. Muscle fibers are grouped into fascicles by connective tissues, perimysium, again surrounded by the pimysium b. Orgins and insertion of the muscle to the skeleton, packaged together by connective tissue known as fascia. i. Origns Less movable ii. More moveable 2. Myofibrils and Myofilaments. a. Myofibrils subcellular structures part of the fiber i. Smallest unit is the sarcomere. b. Myofilaments, long and thin like fibers, - thick filaments and thin filaments. c. The myosin and actin proteins provide interactions of the thick and thin filaments that lead to shortening of the sarcomeres., produce shortening
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Unformatted text preview: of the myofibrils thus shortening of the muscle fibers. 3. Skeletal contractions. a. Produce movements of bones at joints b. Complete Tetanus, when theres a continuous smooth substained muscle contraction. c. Isometric contraction. Muscle length remain constant, resisting the force. d. Isotonic . change in muscle length i. Concentric contraction. Contract your biceps. curls ii. Eccentric. Lengthens, letting go of the curls e. Thick and thin filaments, contractile f. Non contractile: connective tissue, vessels, fat and cell structures, elastic 4. Cross Bridges. a. Sliding of the filaments, extend the thick filaments toward the thin filaments. ( myosin protein helps form the thick filament....
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Chapter 9 - of the myofibrils thus shortening of the muscle...

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