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Film notes page 1

Film notes page 1 - Example Pulp Fiction-the first scene...

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Chapter 3: Film art Narrative, Principles and Construction -Cause and effect -a series of events (not necessarily shown in linear order) that a movie the story/narrative forward WALL-E 1) Cause: wall-e is alone on earth 2) Effect: wall-e is lonely, so he tries to make contact with EVE 3) Cause: wall-e hops on the space ship to chase EVE 4) Effct: Wall-E goes through a series of misadventures on the spaceship a. Effect 2:humans become aware of their status as puppets b. Effect 3: humans return to earth to take better care of their planet THIS IS KNOWN AS A MULTI-LAYER PLOT Never take a plot as what happens, think of why it happened Time, or temporal: --all movies take place in time, not necessarily in order, often in flashbacks and flashfowards
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Unformatted text preview: Example: Pulp Fiction--the first scene takes place in the story, but is the first scene of the plot (shows the last scene first) Vocab: duration: span of time, from beginning to end Statement: slices of story duration yield and overall plot duration So what is the screen duration? (how long it is on the screen ex: two hours…plot duration is how long the story spans) So, we have talked about time…what about space? Einstein! Spacetime (the two are interconnected Space (in film)--like screen duration selects certain plot spans for presentation screen space selects portions of plot space--locales(s)--an island, a submarine, a city, a bedroom, all of these together...
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Film notes page 1 - Example Pulp Fiction-the first scene...

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