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Film notes page 2

Film notes page 2 - -a reversal of ‘fortune’-a surprise...

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Important point: space alters how we feel/see/hear time and vice-versa Openings, Closing and Patterns of Development: Openings: provide what is to come and initiates us into the narrative Vocab: in medias res (in latin: “in the middle of things”) Thought questions: What if cast Away began with him on the island? (A,B,C,D, etc.; A=first scene on island) Would we know that this film begins in medias res? Would we know about the woman he loves? How would that change the current end of the film? What if we were provided with flashbacks? Typical patterns --a change in knowledge --a goal-oriented plot (“what’s my motivation?”) --a road-trip/journey (spatial!) (Fellowship of the Ring)
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Unformatted text preview: --a reversal of ‘fortune’--a surprise ending--early/abrupt ending or open ending--flashbacks/flashfowards (Back to the Future films)--‘nothing’ happens, or everything happens again and again More vocab: P.O.V.—point of view, usually first person and third person (subjective vs. omniscience) Perceptual subjectivity—the inner vision of a certain character Perceptual objectivity—the outer vision attached to (usually) nobody HOWEVER, Sometimes we have a narrator Narrator: a figure/voice that can be diegetic or non-diegetic that reveals information to the film viewer...
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