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Film notes page 3

Film notes page 3 - H ow does a character na r rator and a...

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Unformatted text preview: H ow does a character na r rator and a non-character nar rator appear and work? --omniscient voice (All knowing and All seeing etc… --unseen character (i.e. ghost) --a character in the film that tu rns to the viewer to narrate (crossing the diegetic/nondiegetic line) --an inner voice of one of the characters The Classical Hollywood Cinematic mode of na r rative: --largely att ributed to the fi rst half of the 20-th century --is stylistic as well as historical --many films still follow this model (it is familiar and effective) Main assumption: “action stems from individual characters as casual agents” What drives this? Desire, inner motivations, wants and needs ...
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