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BIO notes - into the capillaries> venules> veins THEN...

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1. Smooth Muscle a. Hollow organs, intestines, urinary bladder. b. All blood vessels except capillaries. c. ATP triggered by Calcium from intracellular stores or from outside d. Involuntary, autonomic nervous system. e. Myocardial cells contain sodium and potassium channels? f. Each chamber of heart must contract at the same time to pump the blood , must be synchorized in order to generate enough pressure. g. Plasma > H2O electrolytes proteins :!*** antibodies, fibrinnogen i. White blood cells fight infections, secret molecules, make antidotes. h. Heart has two different pumps, but they are connected to each other i. Four chambers ii. Ventricles are the real pumps > pump into the artilleries, sending bloods through lungs. iii. Left heart. Four pulmonary vains. < from lungs 1. Bulomary veins 2. Aorta > which goes everywhere in the body. iv. RIGHT PUMPS Arteries branch into arterioles. Which then branch
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Unformatted text preview: into the capillaries > venules > veins THEN IT RECYCLES BACK TO THE HEART VIA THE PULMONARY VEINS. v. One high pressure system that pumps blood all over the body and one lower system in where it only pumps blood into the lungs i. Systole > contraction j. Diastole > relax k. Atria receive blood from veins.= > A_V are open, bloods flow from atria to ventr > begins atrial systole(Atria Contract)> ventricular systole(Ventrocular contract) > A-V valves close. > :1 st heart sound” “LuB”> when pinvenr exceeds > arterial valvles open> blood is ejected into arteries(pulse) > stroke volume> stroke ejected volume into arteries 2. Cardiac 3. Blood Rate, Heart + Circulation 4. Cardiac Cycle+ Heart Sounds 5. Cardiac action potentials a. Conducting system , electrocardioprogram 6. Blood Vessels + Blood pressure...
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BIO notes - into the capillaries> venules> veins THEN...

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