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DOC Wk3.a.”Whiteness” I. Who is included? II. Irish famine based on potato blight, 1845-1852 A. At time, 8.5 million Irish, now 4.1 million, even if you add N. Ireland Catholics you have about 5 million B. Irish were despised in England and this carried over to United States 1. faced local discrimination for jobs and housing 2. seen as dangerous criminals, Five Points in NY 3. Assigned harsh jobs: soldiers, seamen, coal miners 4. Made up half of all immigrants to the US in the 1840s; ultimately 5 million came to US in 19 th century [example of “push” effect of immigration] 5. Became Democrats, established political patronage machines in NY and other major cities, controlled public jobs C. Catholicism – Notre Dame 1842 – maintains ethnic unity for a long while 1. Shanty Irish 2. Lace Curtain III. Not subjected to all forms of exclusion even though seen as lower class or Ignatiev
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Unformatted text preview: reading, not-quite-white, A. Federal law could become citizens, could vote, not restricted from immigrating, not racially banned unlike Blacks, Indians, later even Asians B. State laws not anti-Irish C. Local ordinances could be and Irish could be banned from living in certain areas or suffer discrimination when seeking employment D. Example of Joseph P. Kennedy if time (see Friday) IV. Structure of Entitlements A. Two sources of entitlement in any society 1. Inheritance family culture, family identity, wealth, etc. 2. Earned income labor, appreciation of investments, etc. B. Three sources of capitalizing on entitlements inc. appreciation of investments 1. Property--Real--Personal 2. Access to property/wages (higher education, background) 3. Marriage C. Themes of course 1. Race 2. Gender Class...
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