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DOC mariscal lecture notes - under control maintaining...

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Mexico 1848, Americans prohibtted the 16 th of September, Mexican independence day. Cinco De Mayo is the new holiday for Mexicans. Ethnicity is used to maintain culture. Jews were racialized right away. “Giddy multitude.” Bacon’s Rebellion, used by the elites at the time to degrade the masses of workers. Giddy means “out of control, potentially dangerous” Racialization: extension of racial meaning to a previously unclassified to a social group. getting asserted into racial hierarchy. Racial ideaology: white supremacy. Italians. Southern Europe, below ideal type, racialized. Martin Luther King fought to get rid of the racial hierarchy. Does racilization base on data and evidence. :No. Racial ideaology has no scientific proof. It is simply a system to keep certain race groups
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Unformatted text preview: under control, maintaining order in society. Cheap labor to rationalize race exploitation. Racialization and racial formation Differences. Racial formation is the group of ideologies having to do with race. The arrangement of available racial ideologies. Racial categories determined by social, economic, and political forces. Ghettolization: Once racilized, the physical space once they are assigned , most are cheap labor Why did the white ideologies conquer the others?-Economic Motives.-Inferior Hegemony- “power” Counter hegemony Domination Sites of resistance: places where people gather to contest hegemony Intersectionaliity....
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DOC mariscal lecture notes - under control maintaining...

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