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DOC 1 Outline - E nglish over I r ish • I r ish are...

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Unformatted text preview: E nglish over I r ish • I r ish are segregated • Targets of English Violence, most brutal toward the I r ish • The I r ish had been reduced to wretchedness, • Quote “they came creeping upon their hands for their legs would not bear t hem. They looked anatomies of Death; they spake like ghosts crying out of t heir graves. “ The I r ish were viewed as a people living outside of “civilization” English Over Indian • The Indians reminded them of the I r ish. • “initially “savagery” was defined in reliationship to the I r ish, and the Indians were incorporated into this definit ion. • Indians were kidnapped and put on display in back in Europe. • “being most furious in their rage and merciless… not being content only to k ill and take away l ife but delight to torment men in the most bloody manner. Virginia: to Root out Indian as people. • Sophiscated numbering and calendar system • Indians revived the English settlers by providing food and shelter • The English were forced to eat dogs, cats, rats, mice, and corpses dug from g raves, Some even murdered his food and salted her for his food. • English t r ied to extort food supplies by attacking the Indians and destroying t he villages. • English continued to conqueror Indians land and massacre the Indians population. New England: The “Ut ter Exti rpation” of Indians • H ighly developed agricultural system. • Epidemics from the Europeans wiped out most of the native population • Colonizers interpreted these Indians deaths as divinely sanctioned opportunities to take the land. • Pequot War of 1637, King Philip’s War of 1675-76, • M inisters led the way in justifying the English violence. And atrocities aimed a t the original inhabitants. • To be Indianized meant to serve the devil. • Indians came to personify the Devil and everything the Puritans feared-the body,sexuality, laziness, sin and the loss of self-control. Jefferson saw the westward advances of the frontier as the movement from “savagery” to civilization. ...
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DOC 1 Outline - E nglish over I r ish • I r ish are...

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