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philosphy week 5 notes

philosphy week 5 notes - detect and measure either with our...

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1. Many of the hypothesis of interest in science and ordinary life involve relations between variables. 2. A correlational claim is a claim that the values on two variables vary systematically a. Not necessarily in the same direction. b. They may indicate casual relations c. They can be used to make predictions about the value of one variable from the known value of another variable 3. To test hypotheses such as these, we need to make specific predictions. a. Predictions which can be evaluated: must predict something that we can
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Unformatted text preview: detect and measure, either with our senses directly or via measurements? 4. Operational definitions a. They relate the variables used in the hypothesis to measure variables b. Variables such as force, entropy, memory ability, happiness, etc are not directly measureable c. Must specify a measurement procedure i. An operational definition d. The operational definition of any non-observational terms are major auxiliary assumption in any test of hypotheses. 5....
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