Philosophy notes week 3

Philosophy notes week 3 - Philosophy notes week 3....

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Philosophy notes week 3. Categorizing Phenomena Wednesday 11am-1Pm The use of instruments to make observations raises just as many problems as the use of our senses Is the product of the instrument merely an artifact , something made up by the instrument and not reflective of the world out there? As with basic perception we must rely on Multiple independent sources that agree on results The plausibility of what we claim to observe. Everything we see are individuals, but without categorizing we don’t see anything. Why categorize. Knowing the category something belongs to give us information Even when something isn’t true of all members of a category, we still make inferences/relations Multiple Category schemes. There is not a right way to categorize the things we can see Different category schemes result in different knowledge claims Scientific progress often occurs as a result of re-categorizing something -the sun and the moon were once considered planets. The way in which we categorize phenomena provides our cognitive handle on it The way we think about it The question we ask about it The investigation we conduct The way we use it Categories and Names
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We tend to put things into categories for which we have names But categories do not have to be nameable Rather languages name those categories which are important to its speakers. About which they want or need to say something The categories available to us in our language , though, limit what we can say And what we can make generalizations about.
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Philosophy notes week 3 - Philosophy notes week 3....

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