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Exam 1 review - Studies, theoretical notions, application,...

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Exam 1 review— (Class questions) Be familiar with physio indicators. Gus skin conductants, pupil response. Remembering that attitude-- valence (I like I don’t like) and extremity (arousal). Facial amg is the only one that gives you valence but doesn’t tell you how positive or how negative. You should have something that gives you one of both measures. Attitudes towards politics serve as the knowledge function. Scaling technique- simultaneous is when the person creating the measure has a meaning order of measure in mind but doesn’t have (Gutman).
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Unformatted text preview: Studies, theoretical notions, application, distinctions Studies- know what the findings are, know details of the important construct. Good sense of what are the variables; know what the findings are. Relevance of the study. Theory- propositions; know how to apply propositions. Know how these theories work. Know how they see the domain of persuasion. Application- identify concepts. Review examples in class. Distinctions- difference. How they are different. Distinction compliance and persuasion....
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