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Exam 2 review sheet-new - CMN 152 EXAM 2 REVIEW LIST...

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CMN 152 EXAM 2 REVIEW LIST Psychological consistency Balance theory (Heider) Heider’s triads Hiders tyads- look at tyrad and tell if tyrad if balanced  Bob likes+ spinach Liv hates- spinach Liv likes+ Bob (imbalanced) Hierarchy of attitudes: the only model of theory that can account for the occurrence of decay. 3 possible directions of influence: top down, sideways. Trying to talk to them about a related attitude that is more abstract, downward influence. Ex. Abortion- my goal is to make someone for abortion, talk about importance of life. Morning after pill is Bottom up. 2 attitude change agents Direction of influence Decay: persuasion occurs , but over time , the recipients’ attitude reverts back to its original stance. Using consistency to influence Cognitive dissonance Element 3 ways elements are related Dissonance Ways to reduce dissonance Induced compliance and attitude change Extrinsic motivation intrinsic motivation $20 No Change $1 More positive attitude No choice Choice toward behavior Why? Only applies to intrinsic motivation
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Exam 2 review sheet-new - CMN 152 EXAM 2 REVIEW LIST...

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