exam2 - Consistency • Balance theory(heider People are...

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Unformatted text preview: Consistency- • Balance theory (heider)- People are driven to m aintain b alance a mong the relations of ele m ents- Imbalance tends not to be m aintained over time- Imbalance can be resolved by changing one’s attitude toward one of the ele m ents or a dding/altering ele m e nts.- First to a ddress the role of consistency within the hu m an mod el- Triad repres ented by: o P-> You or a reference p erson ( p erspective) o 0-> Another Person o X-> Entity or thing Hierarchy of Attitudes- For instance, how so m eon e thinks about a bortion m ay be linked to anoth er attitude o such as ste m cell rese arch- in that case, a chang e in one would probably result in a c in the other.- Direction of influence is top down; however, we can also aim a m e ss ag e sideways or bottom up.- If linked to other attitudes, all attitudes b eco m e the sa m e a s the abstract concept - Model accounts for dec ay Decay- After persuasion occurs, over time the target’s attitude reverts back to the initial state. It you convince someone on a particular issue, and you see decay, this points to the fact that this attitude is linked to a more abstract attitude, causing decay (assuming nothing else is going on). Cognitive Dissonance Reduction • Scenario 1- Elem ent 1: I h ave a he althy lifestyle- Elem ent 2: I e at McDonald’s ev ery day- Things to do to resolve dissonance o Add ele m ent – McDonald’s h ad h e althy food potions o Delete ele m e nt- Stop e ating at McDonalds, or give up lifestyle o Alter ele m ent- I have a relatively he althy lifestyle o Decreas e/increas e Elem ent Importance • Scen ario 2- Elem ent 1: I a m responsible and dep end able- Elem ent 2: I was fired from my job- Things to do to resolve dissonance o Add—My boss is known for firing people for no good reason o Delete—Decide you were not responsible, forget you were fired o Alter—Leaving my last job was a m utu al d ecision, or I a m responsible a nd d ep end abl for people who’ve e arned my loyalty o Importance—Being fired is not a big de al....
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exam2 - Consistency • Balance theory(heider People are...

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