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Practice - Lo prior knowledge Hi prior knowledge-cue CR...

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-Strong message -Hi consensus cue - Lo involvement <- look at first - Cue - Persuasion -Lo NFC<- lo elab -Strong message that is con on issue W. -Message includes statement, “Most people are pro on issue W.” -Cue, CR, Both (is there a source of doubt, message strength incongruent + lo elab) - P or NP -4 strong avgs. & 4 weak avgs. -Hi source credibility Person A Person B (hi elab.)
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Unformatted text preview: Lo prior knowledge Hi prior knowledge-cue , CR, Both-cue, CR, both-P , NP-P ,NP Distraction hi->lo elab (cue) Lo->hi elab (IR) Prior Knowledge lo->lo elab Hi-> hi elab Involvement lo-> lo elab Hi-> hi elab Need for Cognition lo-> lo elab Hi -> hi elab Multiple avgs/Multiple Source hielab Additivity -> ambig-> hi elab Interaction -> incong. -> lo elab...
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