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American Demographic White 70% Hispanic 12.5% African Am 12.5% Asian Am 3-4% Native Am 1.5% Controversy in whether or not census is needed Median income of demographics to compare For all the nonwhite groups, the median income is lower than whites, EXCEPT for Asian Am The ones that fall below poverty levels are all minorities It’s important to not make generalizations by demographics; that’s the easy and lazy way; it’s much more complex; inequalities are determined by historical and ongoing circumstance Multiculturalism Stanley Fisch explains Boutique Multiculturalism: the celebration of the superficial aspects of different
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Unformatted text preview: cultures (we look at the cultural differences w/o getting to the core issues like inequality, prejudice, etc) More importantly, he says at the end of the day, when we begin to embrace all cultures, you’re NOT really a multiculturalist: each one of us is monocultural. When core values clash, you have to pick one or the other Individuality is valued more in America than, let’s say, China (Chinese mother’s and how they raise children)...
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