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feb22_lec1 - (Germans also paid reparations to the Jews of...

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22 February 2011 Farewell to Manzanar Questionnaire – either lose your home country and be isolated from US & Japan, or become an enemy of US and sent back to Japan (YES YES group/ NO NO group) Self-fulfilling prophecy: women, African American, Japanese American; if you feel inferior, you perpetuate it Loss of dignity for the father, the patriarch – the effect on them in internment camps were more devastating; removed their influence Oppression and discrimination INTERNALIZED in the victim, so they feel they deserve it, or are sorry for it Internalized inferiority / why did the Japanese get singled out?? (Germans? Italians?) [ after you’re a naturalized citizen, they go easier on you ] Discover the lasting effects of the relocation as far as the entire country is concerned Reparations: 1988, gov’t issued apology to JA community ($20,000/person – not enough)
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Unformatted text preview: (Germans also paid reparations to the Jews of Israel) Before and after the internment was racial discrimination; “oriental image”: atrocious Prejudice on the pretext of national security against any minority group in America It’s wrong to become suspect of minorities b/c their country is at war with America In PAA, the Jews were the Arabs in America at that time (2004) Read between the lines of this “benevolent discourse” (internment of JA, discrimination of Arabs) reconstructing the discourse Always has been an undercurrent of violence under this “benevolent discourse” Internment by socio-political historical context DISCUSSION (2/22) Jus solis (“right of soil”) Jus sangvinis (“right of blood”)...
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