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jan6_lec2 - Jan 6 2011 Certain set of values and ethics =...

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Jan 6, 2011 Certain set of values and ethics = controversial Scientific statements: can be proved right or wrong through empirical tests; objective Objective statements: what we all agree on; not influenced by your view Subjective statements: influenced by view Tautology: true by definition and repetition (tautological); ex: triangle has 3 sides and 3 angles Metaphysics: what is beyond physics and what can be shown as right or wrong; ex: religious belief Ethnic studies are due to MULTICULTURALISM How and when do we come to think of multiculturalism as important? 1960’s, a lot of discussion and the need to address issues of ethnic integration and cultural discrimination; in the 60’s, idea of “melting pot” arises. Celebrating differences is a double edged sword – maintaining identity, but a reification of differences Multiculturalism by Charles Taylor - Equal treatment to all may be a form of inequality - If we allow groups to have exceptions of the law, we may be destroying equality -
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