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January 11, 2011 Multiculturalism and the Politics of Recognition - Recognition was bestowed upon people due to their class, historically - Advocacy for citizen rights given to individuals (Jean Jacque Rousseau) - Recognition affects identity In “multicultural societies”, there is an apparent conflict b/w two “modes of politics” - Politics of universal equality vs. Politics of difference - Conflict: first makes to second – violates the principle of nondiscrimination (affirmative action); second makes to first – negates identity by forcing people into a homogenous mold that is untrue to them - Why apparent? Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis - Mother: Jewish German bourgeoisie - Father: poor Jewish Czech - Born in Prague 1883, died 1924 of TB - Hated his father - Max Brod, best friend, edited and published FK’s writings after his death (even though was asked to burn them) - Prague had Austrian problem; Czech dominant minority (when Czechs and Germans fight, Jews
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Unformatted text preview: suffer)-Goes to secular school for Jews, taught in German (became a German speaking minority)-Lived on border of German ghetto and Christian community Novella could have been story of Franz Kafka: “Nothing can be accomplished in such a body” (his) parallels Samsa’s awkwardness as a bug Where does Samsa’s alienation come from?-Symptomatic of how Jews felt in Prague Deleuze & Guattari Minor literature: if you write in a smaller language within a larger one, it is minor (ex.: Spanish in America, French in Canada) 1. Language w/o territory (deterritorialization) 2. Everything is political 3. Everything has a collective value ALWAYS TRUE of Minor Lit:-Deterritorialization of minor languages and literature (a language w/o a territory) Kafka’s work could have been min. lit. b/c his German was awkward. Why? Perhaps he did not want his work to have an affinity with German culture...
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