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January 18, 2011 1830 – Bombardment of the city of Algiers from French from the sea Guilt and remorse (MAIN THEMES OF STRANGER) (also how the French felt about invading Algiers) 1847 – French general used all tactics to disperse and destroy Arab resistance 1942 – Novel published Purpose of novel condemns French govt. system (they don’t punish for racism, but only because someone is different than other) Death of Maman p. 4: “I wanted to see Maman right away” – he indeed has feelings
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Unformatted text preview: Lying is not only not telling the truth, but giving MORE than the truth; it’s possible to go through all the motions while still lacking ingenuity Many instances where Meursault refuses to judge his neighbors (Raymond, Salamano) p. 27: “He asked me, did I think it [Salamano & dog] was disgusting, and I said no” p. 44: Dog lost, shakes Salamano’s diseased hand as if Jesus would a leper...
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