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March 1, 2011 The Plot Against America What is Jewish? (obvious: an ethnicity or a religion; nation?) Less of a religion practice and more of an identity for Roth Anti-Semitism (why not –Judaism?) Semitism: According to Old Testament (son’s of Noah: Sam (Semites [Jews & Arabs] b/c son is Abraham: How can you say there’s anti-Semitism if Christians believe in Genesis and don’t believe Jews are the chosen people? Anti-Semitism misleading b/c leaves us to believe that the only Semites there are Jews, and that they are the chosen people. ARABS ARE ALSO SEMITES. By Christian standards, we are ALL Semites if we believe in the Old and New Testament. Ironic. What was it like to be Jewish in America in the 30-40s? How is it different now? Judaism in America Earliest Jews came around 1790 to America, very small amount.
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Unformatted text preview: Existed in NY first (first synagogue [place of worship, meetings, birth/marriage/burial, holidays, diet (kosher)], then all around east coast. Number of Jews increase by 1880; b/w then and 1924, we have a big wave of immigration primarily from Eastern Europe escaping anti-Jewish oppression. Interrupted a little during WWII. Johnson Act put a cap on European immigration. Stays in place til long after WWII The most popular form of Judaism from 1880s till 1930s, was REFORMED JUDAISM: will leave just about everything out, and hold onto cultural aspects Holidays: Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Passover Reform church precedes Traditional The family in this book is a typical Jewish family of the first generation out of the ghetto DISCUSSION Leitmotiv ex. Swastika on stamp-Defacement Just Folks-Have to be JUST American, cant be American and Jewish...
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