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HYD_review 2:20 understand concept of Mono Lake, pattern of events; court case, long-standing water rights being dissolved (unheard of); UCD students played major role, Public Trust Doctrine (virtually unused before mono lake case)*; diversions dependent on elevation; diverted from fresh water streams that lead into the lake; saline lake b/c no outlet except evaporation; simple ecosystem with brine shrimp, flies, birds; coyotes killing California gull, invoked strong environmental laws 8:08 no need to know dates; know when the dam-building era was (started when Hoover dam was built, petered out 60-70’s); reclamation act; when did john Wesley powell explore canyon (know era) 10:08 timeline of CA in david carle’s book; in some slides 12:01 50-100 questions on final 13:20 Water budgets and their compounds (handout); remember near end of handout is what things are inflow (precipitation, rivers, snow) and outflow (groundwater, evapotranspiration) and containers (groundwater, surface water, atmosphere) 14:34 vatos zone: zone b/w land surface and water table; understand chart; subsurface water moves mainly vertically downward in vatscone (or unsaturated zone); groundwater moves laterally in great distances; perennial: where the groundwater intersects the surface, stays year-round, sustained partly by groundwater 19:35 what to know about climate change guest lecture: concepts, quiz questions, ignore percentages, but do know co2 increased by 40% since industrial revolution; co2 trends;
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2011 for the course HYD 10 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '11 term at UC Davis.

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HYD_reviewsession - HYD_review 2:20 understand concept of...

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