soc_lec_5 - Nations • Nations are imagined communities...

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Lecture 5 (cont) – April 15, 2010 Institutions Three related meanings: 1. Largely taken-for-granted scripts 2. Established organization forms that perform a necessary function 3. Institutionalized forms of organization that exercise total control over life Total institutions - Prisons - Psychiatric institutions - Hospitals Taken for Granted Scripts Society and loyalty Group solidarity Commitment - Belonging to so m ething greater than ones elf Legitimacy - Willing conformity Conflict and Change No society is e ntirely static Society is dyna mic organization Difference a nd diversity are inevitable Contestation and conflict are inevitable Society m ust chang e in order to e ndure Society vs. Societies Society a s g en eralized a n alytic concept Empirically there are only societies Social order achieved in different ways Nation as a particular kind of society
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Unformatted text preview: Nations • Nations are imagined communities • Concept of common history, heritage, culture • Multicultural nation? States • States are a system of govt-Concept of political sovereignty-Coercive and repressive app aratus – police, prisons, military-Ideological a pp aratus – e.g. e ducation, m e dia-Syste ms of social ordering – public h e alth, sanitation, infrastructure, regulation Sum m ary • Social interaction • Social patterns-Culture – norms, values, beliefs (and more)-Social structure – enduring relational positions-Social institutions – take-for-granted scripts • Analytic concept of society vs. empirical/historical societies-Contestation, conflict, power (ontological security – humans need security, therefore rely on norms and patterns)...
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soc_lec_5 - Nations • Nations are imagined communities...

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