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Lecture 6 – April 15, 2010 Functionalism Durkheim developed a functionalist theory Theory drew analogies with biology Functions and structure in biological body Functions and structure in social body Functions, institutions, and social structure Socializing functions – familial and edu institutions Integrating functions – edu and legal institutions Production functions – economic institutions Governing functions – political institutions Durkheim: Key Concepts Division of labor Solidarity: mechanic and organic Social relations and moral relations Conscience Collective (social solidarity – as an individual, feeling connected to society) Crime and Punishment What does crime consist of? - We do not conde m n an action bec aus e it is a crime. Rather, it is a crime becaus e we cond e m - SOCIAL/MORAL OUTRAGE What causes punish m ent? - First and fore most a n EMOTIONAL REACTION
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Unformatted text preview: -Society is attacked-Conscience collective is shocked-Punish m ent is social venge ance Crime is functional • Brings reass ertion of moral order • Brings norms of proper conduct into relief • Jerry Springer Show Robert Merton • Manifest functions-Stated objectives-Intend ed consequ enc es • Latent functions-Unarticulated objectives-Unintend ed consequ ences • Knowing the difference-Econo mics: production/consu m ption functions-Sociology: social/status LATENT functions Micha el Foucault • Co-production of power and knowledge • Clinical medicine, psychiatry, penal corrections, regulation of sexuality • Discipline and biopolitics = biopower Discipline and docile bodies • Image of modern soldier • Correcting and mastering bodies • Body as target of power • New political anatomy of body...
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soc_lec_6 - -Society is attacked-Conscience collective is...

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