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soc_lec_7 - Panopticism • Formation of a disciplinary...

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Lecture 7 – April 20, 2010 Discipline and Docile Bodies Image of modern soldier Correcting and mastering bodies Body as target of power New political anatomy of body New micro-physics of social power Barracks, schools, hospitals Useful body (body you can use) and intelligible body (body you can understand) Hence power and knowledge Key elements of discipline Hierarchical observation – replaces singular political spectacle with uninterrupted calculated gazes* Normalizing judgment – differentiates, hierarchizes, homogenizes The examination – accumulation and seriation of documents – cases
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Unformatted text preview: Panopticism • Formation of a disciplinary society • Extension of surveillance • Systems of registration and identification • Regulation: inspections, data collection, etc Biopolitics • Discipline targets individual body as machine • Biopolitics targets species body • Anatomo-politics of human body vs. biopolitcs of the population • Public health, demography, birth rates, causes of death – regulatory controls • Together constitute BIOPOWER...
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