soc_lec_18 - Lecture 18 5/27/10 Becker on...

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Lecture 18 – 5/27/10 Becker on Insiders/Outsiders; Defining Normality Becker on Deviance Symbolic interactionist perspective Not inconsistent with functionalist perspective But symbolic interactionism probes deep into micro processes of reality construction Outsiders All groups make rules Those who break rules are outsiders Those labeled an outsider may have a different view of the matter Rule-breakers may feel his/her judges are the outsiders Distinctions Formal rules and laws Informal rules – norms Unenforced rules and norms Degrees of outsider-ness Outsiders can develop ideologies to explain why they are right and their judges wrong Defining deviance Statistical deviation Pathological deviation Deviant is s/he who breaks rules How is the significance of rule breaking established in each case? Becker Central fact about deviance is that it is “created by society” “social groups create deviance by making the rules whose infraction constitutes deviance” Such rules are applied to particular people who are LABELED deviants
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soc_lec_18 - Lecture 18 5/27/10 Becker on...

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