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Christina Schiesari COM 002 7 February 2011 Their Rendition of Othello – Act 3, Sc. 3 [curtain opens] Our scene opens in a narrow coffee house engulfed in warm and dim lights of oranges and reds. Voices are as dim as the lights; there are not many people. Six young university students crowd around two small oval tables pushed together with papers scattered across the surface; there is no coffee to be seen. They are students of an introductory drama class on campus: five actors and one director. Their assignment is to create their own rendition of Shakespeare’s Othello with the characters Desdemona, Othello, Iago, Emilia, and Cassio, and they encounter difficulties in Act 3, Scene 3. DESDEMONA “Therefore be merry, Cassio,/ For thy solicitor would rather die/ Than give thy cause away.” They’re really not leaving anything up to the imagination now, are they. DIRECTOR (exasperated) My goodness, please! Let’s not waste our time with witty sidenotes. Let’s just try and get through our scene one more time . Iago tosses his script into the mess of papers. IAGO It’s a little hard, don’t you think? I mean, acting without knowing what the hell is actually going on. Can’t blame us for being frustrated. The actors give a look to each other, each agreeing on the difficulties. The actor playing Othello ends the silence. OTHELLO (quietly) I agree. Like here, on page 125: “As if there were some monster in thy thought/ Too hideous to be shown. Thou dost mean/ something.” I see “monster” everywhere. DIRECTOR
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textanalysis2 - Elaine Chow Christina Schiesari COM 002 7...

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