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Ireland - effects of globalization in recent years Some say...

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Delegation: The Republic of Ireland Delegation: The Republic of Ireland Comission: Economic and Social Council Topic: The Topic: The role of globalization in helping people out of poverty in a sustainable manner. role of globalization in helping people out of poverty in a sustainable manner. Delegate: Carlos Mella Today’s world is one, which faces an astonishing dichotomy when facing globalization. On one hand, this practice has helped unite the world, expanding cultures, beliefs, and even businesses, creating such industries as tourism, which would otherwise not exist in an isolationist world. Nevertheless, it does have extremely negative aspects. For example, it indirectly causes poverty; this is due to corporations, which branch out to other countries, outsourcing jobs for cheaper labor, leaving people in their original nations employed. The Republic of Ireland, although an economically developed country, has suffered the
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Unformatted text preview: effects of globalization in recent years. Some say that Ireland has gone from being a “ Celtic tiger to a Celtic snail ” in today’s globalized world. After an apparently miraculous improvement over the course of the last 10 years, in the last two years globalization has gone full circle and is now one of the main causes of instability in the nation. Poverty levels in Ireland are still among the highest in the EU despite having the second highest GDP in the EU. The Republic of Ireland urges countries to take measures to secure that their nations’ economies will not be affected greatly by the current global economic crisis, so that people that already live in poverty will not sink deeper into it and assure that they will not be joined by large masses of people suffering through the crisis....
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