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Grupo Ramos - extremely important for any entrepreneur...

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Valerie Bodden K. 10-0014 July 12, 2011 Extra Points Essay New Generation and Business Leadership Workshop During July 05 th , 2011, Unibe students were granted the opportunity to attend a conference dictated by Mercedes Ramos, the Executive President of Grupo Ramos, on the New Generation and Business Leadership. The orator dictated several things that he considered to be crucial skills that any leader should posses. Some of the skills were: Research and Analysis, Communication, Idea generation and Creative Thinking, Networking, Financial Literacy, Commercial Awareness, Leadership, Negotiation and Management amongst others. Commercial Awareness can be described as the ability to enter a market place and understand what is occurring or happening there. An entrepreneur should be able to socialize and build a set of relations that can further progress his career and business. He should be able to know who his competition and who can be a possible business partners are. On the other hand, Leadership is
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Unformatted text preview: extremely important for any entrepreneur because they have to work in any situation in a manner that motivates and persuade others into doing a correct job. Negotiation is another important trait because an entrepreneur has to work his way with people in order to be successful. A good entrepreneur as well has to understand the basic concepts of management in order to carry out a successful business because at the end of the day, what really matters is not solely having a good idea, but knowing how to carry it out. We can see that the founder of the Grupo Ramos, Roman Ramos, possesses all of these characteristics. He was smart enough to start being successful and starting his own business by the age of 24. The keys of success according to Mercedes Ramos are to have a clear vision, focusing on detailed sale, and not going inside unknown business that can result in failure....
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Grupo Ramos - extremely important for any entrepreneur...

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