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Valerie Bodden Kluge 10-0014 September 15, 2009 Victoria’s Secret + How is the system being used in the area? is an online website with allows shoppers access to underwear, swimsuits, clothing, beauty products, accessories and shoes. It shows the costumer all of the available alternatives and then allows them to purchase and delivers the product to their home. It is easier because it does not require the costumer to be at the actual shop, they order from the commodity of their houses. + Is the system replacing a manual system? If yes, how? It is an online website, yes it replaces traditional shopping places. The person has the opportunity to simply shop online, and pay with either a credit card or in pay pal mode,
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Unformatted text preview: instead of going to the store itself in a mall. + Is the system replacing a current computerized system? If yes, how? Yes, it replaces previous smaller companies that sold underwear, swimsuits and etc for women. It also distributes articles of several brands, therefore instead of going to the brand’s website, for example Jessica Simpson shoes, one can simply go to Victoria’s Secret and order them there. + What skills are required to use the system? The shopper must have a general knowledge of computers and Internet. He or she must posses a credit card or a pay pal account on which the items will be billed. It is fairly easy to order online; anyone who knows how to use the Internet and a computer can do so....
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