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Input Devices - (Best Buy Keyboard The typing keypad of a...

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Valerie Bodden Kluge 10-0014 Findings Usage Type of Input Information Manufacturer, Price & Model 1. Vi de o C a m er a The real state agent may record the houses with the camera and then pass the video onto the computer for the clients to see. Video Input High-Definition Handycam Camcorder with 2.7" Touch- Panel Color LCD Brand: Sony Price: $599.99 (can be found at Best Buy) 2. Blackberry device (handheld computer) Since the agent often travels to the location with a cell phone, the best one he or she may posses is a blackberry. From which an extensive amount of things may be done, including recording and taking photos of the location, using the internet and writing documents. Video Input BlackBerry Tour 9630 Cell Phone Brand: Blackberry for Verizon Price: $699.99
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Unformatted text preview: (Best Buy) Keyboard: The typing keypad of a keyboard is where you can find the letters. The part that you use to basically input words and ideas into the device. The numeric keypad is the part of the keyboard that contains the numbers, which you use when you want to write a quantity. The navigation keys are the arrows which enable you to navigate from one part of the screen to another, and the shortcut keys that some keyboards bring, such as a button to access internet explorer. The function keys are the ones on the top labeld F1… F12, which by pressing them, each one has a particular function in the computer, whether it being refreshing a browser page, exposing the desktop, closing a window, and so forth....
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