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AN OVERVIEW AND CALENDAR FOR UNIBE SUMMER 2010 UNIT 1, Due on: May 21 1. The best way to learn marketing is to do it or experience it vicariously. Based on this philosophy, the class will be based around the marketing of a product or service. This will be referred as “The project.” 2. Now you need to select an industry. This for example could be: The music industry where you will be required to market a singer (create a name, brand him/her, promote them, package them, price them etc.) The beverage industry : where you will develop a non-alcoholic beverage (develop the physical product, package it, name it, advertise it etc.) The banking industry : where you will develop a new checking account, measure satisfaction with the existing services, measure waiting times etc. Or, you can select any “legal” industry with the professor’s approval. 3. Create a team: select two other students in the same industry (teams will be restricted to only 3 members unless the professor permits it). 4. Now you are ready to start with the first step in the “what will I do ….” file. 5. In Chapter 1 of the Tsalikis book, “there are no lawyers…” will emphasize that, no matter what, we are all marketers and marketing researchers. The power of marketing will be established in VIDEO 4-16 MINDLESS EATING. WATCH: VIDEO 4-16 MINDLESS EATING (9 minutes) (the videos are in the “course content” of CE6/Blackboard). QUIZ : VIDEO 4-16 MINDLESS EATING (5 questions) (The quizzes are in the “assessment” section of CE6/Blackboard). 2. The historical eras of production, sales and marketing will bring us up to the current thinking about marketing and introduce the marketing concept: the focus is the customer —we try to identify their needs and wants and satisfy those needs and wants with our 4 1 A. THE PROJECT: Read “What will I do on the first day on my marketing job” B. THE PROJECT: In a paragraph or two describe the objectives of your project. Post these objectives in the discussion board of CE6 (in the file “objectives”).
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Ps and at the same time make some profit (we can always satisfy the customers if we give them the product for free). READ: Chapter 1 (Tsalikis book) QUIZ: Chapter 1 (18 questions) WATCH: VIDEO 3-12 IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE (12 min). QUIZ: VIDEO 3-12 IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE (3 questions). UNIT 2, Due on: May 22 3. A wider historical perspective of marketing’s role in society will be presented in VIDEO 5-1 through VIDEO 5-11 THE CENTURY OF THE SELF. WATCH: VIDEO 5-1 through 5-11 THE CENTURY OF THE SELF (1=16 min, 2=1 min, 3=5 min, 4=19 min, 5=8 min, 6=10 min, 7=6 min, 8=27 min, 9=13 min, 10=12 min, 11=6 min). Segments 5-12 through 5-16 are not assigned for this class. However, they are very interesting because they show the use of marketing in the political process. Students are encouraged to view these segments for extra credit. QUIZ:
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UNIBE%20AN%20OVERVIEW%20AND%20CALENDAR%20summer%202010 - AN...

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