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Unformatted text preview: VIDEOS for MARKETING RESEARCH 2010 DOC # 1 Instructions for the video assignments 1. Watch each section once without interruption. 2. Read the questions and the notices for the video segment 3. Then watch the section again trying to answer the questions and notice the points I am asking you to notice. 4. Take the quiz for the video segment online. The timing and sequence of the videos is provided in the course calendar titled “An overview and calendar …”. All projects are due on the date posted on the course calendar. VIDEO 1 1-1. THE PERSUADERS The Persuaders 1 (13:20 minutes, quiz has 4 questions) Main points: The first step to create SONG was to do marketing research (focus groups with metaphor analysis). Then the question became whether to appeal to the heart (emotion) or to the head. Questions: • The advertising industry has a ________ crisis? • What is the customer profile for SONG? Freeze their chart and check the variables. • Why is the song advertising campaign risky? • Should an ad be aimed to the head or the _______. Notice: • The guerilla marketing example at the beginning. • The metaphor analysis in the first focus group for SONG. The Persuaders 2 (8:20 minutes, quiz has 3 questions) Main points: Brand managers are seen as community leaders who create meaning with their products. People/consumers need to belong and make sense/meaning of their life/world. Questions: • Compare the high concept ads with the “er” ads. • What do they mean by transcendence? Notice: 1 • The researcher who studied cults (a form of extreme analysis). What are the two reasons they join? The Persuaders 3 (7:58 minutes, quiz has 5 questions) Main Points: Advertisers try to create emotional connections (loyalty beyond reason/love marks). However, very few companies have been successful at creating these emotional connections. Question: • What is loyalty beyond reason? • Tide is seen as ____ The Persuaders 4 (12:51 minutes, quiz has 2 questions) Main points: A solution to diminishing television audiences was product placement in TV shows and movies. The problem with product placement is becomes very complicated to measure the ad’s effectiveness. Questions: • What is the difference between product placement and seamless integration? The Persuaders 5( 18:21 minutes, quiz has 6 questions) Main points: At the beginning they conduct a structured personal interview to delve into peoples emotions. Not a good idea. Rapai uses Freudian methodologies to do it better. Rapai argues that people have no idea why they buy. He tries to go to the first experience people had with the product. He tries to identify the code (usually a word) of their reptilian brain....
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