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NAME__________________ MATRICULA__________ SECTION__________ Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE 1. Which of the following is least likely to be classified as a batch-level activity in an activity-based costing system? a. Shipping. b. Receiving and inspection. c. Production setup d. Property taxes. e. Quality assurance 2. The salaries of a manufacturing plant's management are said to arise from: a. Unit-level activities. b. Batch-level activities. c. Product-sustaining activities. d. Facility-level activities. e. Direct-cost activities. 3. When a company switches from a traditional system to a just-in-time production and inventory system, what often happens to the quality of raw material purchased and the number of vendors that supply the firm? a. Choice A. b. Choice B. c. Choice C. d. Choice D.
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Unformatted text preview: e. Choice E. 4. Grossman Enterprises is converting to an activity-based costing system and needs to depict the various activities in its manufacturing process along with the HOMEWORK 7 PART (A) – MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING activities' relationships. Which of the following is a possible tool that the company can use to accomplish this task? a. Storyboards. b. Activity relationship charts (ARCs) c. Decision trees. d. Simulation games. e. Process organizers. 5. Of the following organizations, activity-based costing (ABC) cannot be used by: a. Manufacturers b. Financial-services firms. c. Book publishers. d. Hotels e. None of the above. THIS IS JUST PART (A) OF THIS ASSIGNMENT. DOWNLOAD PART (B) WHICH IS AN EXCEL FILE....
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HW_7_-_Part_A - e Choice E 4 Grossman Enterprises is...

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