Articles 2 - Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Analysis of...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Analysis of Current Dominican Issues-Sec.02 Professor Elsa Torres May 18, 2011 Dominican Anticorruption chief wants papers from Teflon  politico chief-wants-papers-from-Teflon-politico Santo Domingo.- Anticorruption director Hotoniel Bonilla on Wednesday asked the Dominican Municipal League’s (LMD) General Secretary to list the budget disbursements of more than 121 million during Amable Aristy Castro’s term, what he did with 100 pistols, and how he acquired a helicopter. Hotoniel Bonilla sent the request to the current LMD head Fidias Aristy on May 13, just days before the Accounts Chamber disclosed audits revealing several unclear accounting practices in that agency. Natives of eastern Altagracia province, Fidias Aristy is a first cousin of Amable Aristy, whose many prior cases of corruption earn him the name of Teflon politico, . Among Aristy Castro’s disbursements figure RD$60.3 million to several city councils, for which Bonilla wants to see copies of checks for RD$10.2 million spent on car rentals, copies of checks for RD$2.2 million to rent a helicopter, and one for RD$250,000 to Miss Ana Carolina Viñas. The anticorruption chief also wants to know the whereabouts of 100 Taurus pistols, and the documents behind the purchase of an Eurocopter EC-120 - B helicopter bought in 2003. Overview
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Articles 2 - Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Analysis of...

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