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Valerie Bodden Kluge (10-0014) Analysis of Current Dominican Issues – Sec. 02 Prof. Elsa Torres May 11, 2011 Wage Hike Talks stall at 12.9, no date to resume. < no-date-to-resume > Santo Domingo.- The wage increase talks between employers and unions stalled again without a new date to resume, as labors’ representative rejected management’s latest proposal of a 12.90% hike. Employer representative Circe Almánzar said they’re anxious to sit and negotiate the proposal, based on the Central Bank’s Consumer Price index for March. “Our proposal is that we’re willing to not make it lower than the Consumer Price Index because that’s going to guarantee the employee’s spending power they had in 2009, which was when the last wage revision was done.” She said workers are hoping for a wage increase as soon as possible, although the union leaders Gabriel del Rio and Agustín Vargas Saillant reject that amount and vowed to return to the talks only if “a decent proposal is done.” “We aren’t going to the dialogue with that proposal, we want a dignified dialogue, where the employers to make an honorable proposal to the workers, which isn’t so miserly, that they see the situation that we working-class is living under today,” said del Rio, while Vargas noted that they lowered the unions’ proposed 30 percent wage increase to 25 percent, but “no way” they’d accept 12.90%. Vargas added that the increase must include those who earn more than the minimum wage, “because they also shop, go to the supermarket and must send their children to school.” The union leader added that there’s a precedent in the country in which the minimum wage was increased beyond what had been discussed by the National Wages Committee, as he said occurred in 1987 and 2004. “There’s a precedent, but there’s a lack of political will from the Government and employers.” Overview Employers and unions have been recently engaging in talks about wage increases for Dominican employees. They are proposing not to lower it below the Consumer Price Index (the average price of items a household purchases), to guarantee the employees’ spending power in
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Articles - Valerie Bodden Kluge (10-0014) Analysis of...

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