Barcito - appeals to these social-class segments Inside my...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Consumer Behavior Professor Nazario March 15, 2011 Barcito We were given the assignment by professor Nazario to go to El Barcito for one night and observe how customers were behaving and relating amongst themselves. Barcito is a place that as soon as you walk in, you can tell that the costumers are in a good mood, having a good time. It is small and cozy, making it easier for people to interact amongst themselves. There are plenty of waiters always offering their service, and the music sets the mood for a good night. Everyone seemed to be young people, ranging from 18 to late 20’s with a few exceptions. The target segment for this bar and restaurant is basically middle class and high class. The decoration, mood, and prices of the bar are set up in a way that only
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Unformatted text preview: appeals to these social-class segments. Inside my group the drinks that were ordered were the traditional Vodka based drinks, but from what I could see around myself, people were drinking everything, from Whiskey to Rum. Furthermore, everyone seemed to be dressed in a comfortable, yet decent way, taking into consideration that it was a Thursday, people were pretty well dressed for the occasion. The only negative thing I can think about, is basically that there is too little space for people to sit outside. If you’re a smoker, you either have to get there pretty early in order to get a table, or stand outside talking with your friends. Personally, I don’t mind the standing part, but I saw a few people who seemed upset that they could not find a table outside....
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Barcito - appeals to these social-class segments Inside my...

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