More than Branding (10-0014)

More than Branding (10-0014) - Valerie Bodden K(10-0014...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Consumer Behavior Professor Nazario April 7, 2011 Shaping Perceptions and Influencing People Last week, on Friday April the 1 st , UNIBE students, amongst other people, were granted the opportunity to attend to Maria Elena Moré’s presentation on how Marketers shape perception and influence people. Before attending to this lecture, honestly, I thought that marketing was basically knowing your consumer within the target segment you chose, and influencing their decision to buy your product through publicity and marketing strategies. After the lecture, which was very interesting and entertaining, I agreed with everything the dictator said. Ms. Moré explained to her audience, that Marketing is not solely influencing people through advertisement, but rather to play with perceptions. Everyone has a different perception of things, but if you can shape your product and its reputation into being one that everyone can agree and identify with, it is likely that it will sell more. For
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More than Branding (10-0014) - Valerie Bodden K(10-0014...

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