Social Networking - places and objects. You can upload a...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Consumer Behavior Professor Nazario March 22, 2011 Social Networking and Its Impacts People live now-a-days in civilizations where inter-communication is becoming increasingly important with the passing of days. Whether it is Blackberry Chat, Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Network, everyone seems to be revolving around the idea of keeping constant contact with their friends and acquaintances. These social networks influence the majority of people without them even known, whether it is the latest hip song video that someone uploaded on Facebook and now everyone seems to be listening to, to the photographs of a certain place or clothing, giving it the correct exposure and causing other friends to want as well to go attend this place or buy these things. Without thinking about it people are giving constant publicity or exposure to
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Unformatted text preview: places and objects. You can upload a tweet saying that you’re at Kalimocho for example, which will probably grab the attention of others that are at la Zona and would want to join, and other people who had never heard of Kalimocho, and now will suddenly be curious about the place. Social networks allow people to always know what the others are doing, and not just one person, but a large amount of people. Basically theses sites and utensils are basically platforms that help motivate people into taking decisions. If you see everyone is buying the Blackberry and you don’t have it yet, most likely, eventually you will be forced to buy it as well. That is the way things work, it is the movement of the masses and these social networks only facilitate the communication within....
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Social Networking - places and objects. You can upload a...

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