Wall Street (10-0014) - Bodden (10-0014) Valerie Bodden K....

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Bodden (10-0014) Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Financial Mathematics Professor Lagares April 8, 2011 Wall Street II, The Money Never Sleeps Review The movie Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps , depicts exactly how greedy the financial world as a whole can be. Filled with people who are ready to backstab others in order to gain some profit, snitches that listen to your every conversation and most of all, people who center life’s around themselves solely, without thinking in the others that surrounds them. Moral hazard is something that can be observed in most part of the movie; mostly all of its characters, including but not limited to Gordon Gekko, who sacrifices his own family and uses the future husband of his wife, Jacob Moore, to try and take down Bretton James. The economist Paul Krugman defines moral hazard as “any situation in which one person makes the decision about how much risk to take while someone else bears the cost if things go badly.” This affects investor’s and their return on investment in a negative
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Wall Street (10-0014) - Bodden (10-0014) Valerie Bodden K....

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