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Harvard Case1 My recommendation

Harvard Case1 My recommendation - which have cultures and...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Organization and Methods Professor Mejia March 15, 2011 My Recommendation Executive change is a very difficult thing to undergo. Organizations in the Dominican Republic should consider this as a very important step, for changes can always bring both negative and positive outcomes. Personally I believe that in order for an organizational change to be successful one needs to take into consideration the Seven Key Considerations. They are very practical and can adapt to any organizational structure, whether it is big or small. I would do it exactly as the Western-Delta Merger if I can take the luxury of not having to liquidate or fire some personnel within the merger. When you combine two corporations, you are combining two totally different things,
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Unformatted text preview: which have cultures, and an already stated way of working that is totally different from each other. Delta took this into consideration and made the employees of Western feel “at home”. They gave them confidence and invested a lot of money in order to help these employees adapt to the new type of organization they would work in. I believe this is the best way to direct a merger, for you need to think about the corporate-social responsibility and keeping the personnel that already worked there is a smart thing to so. Also, when you train your workers, the one who is ultimately benefited is the organization as w hole, because positive outcomes will arise from this and things will work in a more efficient and effective manner....
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