Chapter 13 Terms and Questions

Chapter 13 Terms and Questions - Valerie Bodden K....

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Organization and Methods Professor Mejia March 28, 2011 Chapter 13 Operations Management Key Terms and Definitions Key terms -ABC Analysis: used to define an inventory categorization technique often used in material management. -Capacity planning: process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products. -Computer-aided design: use of computer technology for the process of design and design- documentation. -Computer-aided engineering: broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering tasks. -Continuous process improvement: ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. -Critical Path Method: an algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities. -Design capacity: maximum obtainable output. -Design for manufacturing: general engineering art of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. -Economic order quantity: level of inventory that minimizes the total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. -Effective capacity: actual maximum demand or load a system can carry or meet. -Flexible manufacturing system: manufacturing system in which there is some amount of flexibility that allows the system to react in the case of changes, whether predicted or unpredicted. -Gantt charts: type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. -Just-in-time systems:
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Chapter 13 Terms and Questions - Valerie Bodden K....

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