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P13-29B P13-24A E13-16 E13-19 E13-20 Decisicion Case 1 Financial Statement Case P13-29B (35-45 min) Req. 1 Digital Subscriptions, Inc. Statement of Cash Flows Year Ended December 31, 2012 Cash flows from operating activities: Net income $97,600 Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities: Depreciation $14,800 Increase in accounts receivable (1,500) Decrease in inventories 11,600 Increase in accounts payable 5,500 Decrease in accrued liabilities (1,600) Net cash provided by operating activities 126,400 Cash flows from investing activities: Purchase of land ($24,700) Purchase of equipment (23,000) Net cash used for investing activities (47,700) Cash flows from financing activities: Payment of diviends ($63,100) Payment of note payable (29,000) Issuance of common stock 24,400 Net cash used for financing activities (67,700) Net increase in cash $11,000 Cash balance, December 31, 2011 15,800 Cash balance, December 31, 2012 $26,800 ` Req. 2 It is important for investors and owners of the compnay to see the cash flow statement to se
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