Conflict Reslution1 - Valerie Bodden(10-0014 Collective...

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Valerie Bodden (10-0014) Collective Bargaining and Conflict Resolution Case Study Homework November 5, 2010 Case 39 page 190 “Who Should Maintain the Parks and Ball fields?” In the town of Boston, Massachusetts, the town’s Department of Public Works had decided to appoint five members of a bargaining unit to do the maintenance job in parks and ball fields. The only exception to this agreement between the town and the bargaining unit was during the spring/summer seasons in which student voluntary help was permitted, and during the year 1989 in which the town had to contracted a local tree and lawn service firm because the town did not have enough equipment to do the maintenance of the park. Throughout the years, several areas of the parks and ball fields, such as side slopes, ditches and brush clearances, were not being maintained by anyone, but rather every four to five years the Judson brothers decided to do it themselves. Taking notice of this, the Superintendent of public works decided to contract an independent firm that
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Conflict Reslution1 - Valerie Bodden(10-0014 Collective...

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