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Conflict Reslution2 - Do the concepts trade-offs positive...

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Conflict Resolution 21:39 According to Paul WEHR and Otomar Bartos Define Conflict:  A situation in which actors use conflict behavior against each  other to obtain incompatible goals and/or to express their hostility.  Define Negotiation:  Occurs when conflict parties agree to meet face-to-face to  solve their conflict.  Skills used: Promoting trust, fairness in negotiation. Consutation, Sending and listened skills, active listening.  What does WEHR’s matrix solve?
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Unformatted text preview: Do the concepts, trade-offs, positive pay off, negative pay off, help you understand WEHR’s application of matrix to Conflict Resolution? Incompatible goals, conflict behavior, action, coercive and non-coercive are part of what? In chapter nine, which skills would you suggest are the mostly important for a successful negotiation? Effective communication, active listening, paraphrasing, and “I” messages....
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