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Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE BBA in International Business Dominican History Professor Elsa Torres Analysis of Historical Text Valerie Bodden Kluge (10-0014) October 18, 2010 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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Valerie Bodden K. 10-0014 Dominican History Prof. Torres October 18, 2010 Dominican Republic Occupation (1916-1924) Analysis The United States of America was known to be the mediator, or big brother, of all of the American countries when it came to political and economical affairs. Motivated and permitted by the Monroe Doctrine, which also barred European nations from the Western Hemisphere, the United States managed to invade American countries ranging from Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti, to of course, the Dominican Republic. After the assassination of president Ramon Caceres in 1911, the Dominican Republic was left in a political vacuum, which led to violent confrontations, and an intense period of civil wars that lead to the resurgence of the Jimenista party. Soon after, Eladio Victoria took office on February 27, 1912 with support of Juan I. Jimenes and the bolos Pata Blanca. The stability that had resulted after 1905 was soon gone under Cacere’s successor. Meanwhile all of this was occurring, Haitians had made further encroachments into Dominican territory alarming the United States, the appointed
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Article Analysis - Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE BBA in...

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