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Valerie Bodden (10-0014) Professor Torres Dominican History September 17, 2010 Dominican Intellectuals and the Dominican Republic Throughout history and time it has been more than evident that behind every drastic change of events, whether good or bad, several intellectuals, or leaders as I prefer to call them, outshine the rest. In the case of the Dominican Republic, when referring to the process it underwent in defining its national identity, several leaders such as Juan P. Duarte, Pedro Santana, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, Vicente Duarte and Ramon Matías Mella amongst others were the ones who played very important roles. It is more than evident that without the influence and participation of these key characters, most likely the Dominican Republic would be a whole other entity today. Throughout the end of the Haitian Occupation several intellectuals began forming groups all having the same ultimate goal, to gain national independence, separating from Haiti. All of these groups were formed by intellectuals who had the ability to wind up
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Essay Intellectuals - Valerie Bodden(10-0014 Professor...

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